• Grade D Rotary and Vibrator Hose API 7K-FSL1
  • 5,000 PSI W.P \ 10,000 PSI TEST

  • GRADE D API 7K MADE IN USA ROTARY HOSE Available in stock and with delivery options around the world. Hoses can be made with a variety of end connection style and size from n.p.t threads to hammer union or flange connection. Rotary/vibrator hose can also be made with unibolt couplings and api flanged connections. These hoses are built and tested in the USA and are in stock and ready for delivery to your freight forwarder, rig up yard or warehouse. manufactured with api 7k monogram in the manufacture process if requested.

  • Features
    • API 7K made in USA
    • Reinforcement: Two high strength steel cables
    • Cover: Ozone, petroleum and abrasion resistance
    • Tube: Oil resistant for petroleum drilling fluids
    • End Fittings: API male nipples, threaded or buttweld hammer
    unions, unibolt, API flanges and other special connections.
    • Certification: API 7K
    • Maximum Length: 110 feet
    • Operating Temperatures: -22°F to 200°F (-30°C to 93°C)
    • Options: Available with S.S. armor and fire protection.
    Typical Application
    • Mud delivery hose, motion compensator hose, de-coking hose.
    • Oilfield, construction, mining and high performance
    industrial equipment.
    Grade D rotary and vibrator hose is manufactured with the highest quality material to handle the tough
    drilling applications of today’s industry.

  • Swadged coupling and built in coupling availible with many end connection types that can be manufactured on the end termination.
  • Rotary Drilling & Vibrator Hoses with swaged

  • coupling MADE IN USA

  • API Spec. 7K FSL 1 / API Monogram
I.D. Working Pressure Test Pressure API Grade Safety factor O.D. Hose Body MBR storage MBR operation Weight of hose body
in psi bar psi bar - * WP mm m m lbs
2.5" 5000 345 10000 690 D 2.5 111 0.6 0.7 15
3" 5000 345 10000 690 D 2.5 126 0.7 0.8 18
3.5" 5000 345 10000 690 D 2.5 140 0.8 0.9 21
4" 5000 345 10000 690 D 2.5 160     24


Available with API N.P.T threads and/or Hammer Union connection welded and threaded also availaible with flanged ends 5m 10m, RTJ,hubs,unibolts etc.

Operating temperature: -30 to + 82°C
Maximum available length: 40 m
Production length tolerance: +/- 64 mm up to 6.4 m hose length or +/- 1%

Rotary hose can be offerd with BUILT-IN coupings as well if needed. Call for price on this type of vibration/ rotary hose connection style.

NOTE: These hoses are often called mud hoses, shock lines, vibration hose, kelly as well as the common name rotary hose.




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