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World Rig Supply ROTARY HOSE, Grade D Rotary and Vibrator Hose
• API 7K-FSL1 5,000 PSI W.P \ 10,000 PSI TEST
• API 7K
• Reinforcement: Two high strength steel cables
• Cover: Ozone, petroleum and abrasion resistance
• Tube: Oil resistant for petroleum drilling fluids
• End Fittings: API male nipples, threaded or buttweld hammer unions, unibolt, API flanges and other special connections.
• Certification: API 7K
• Maximum Length: 110 feet
• Operating Temperatures: -22°F to 200°F (-30°C to 93°C)
• Options: Available with S.S. armor and fire protection.
Typical Application:
• Mud delivery hose, motion compensator hose, de-coking hose.
• Oilfield, construction, mining and high performance industrial equipment.
Grade D rotary and vibrator hose is manufactured with the highest quality material to handle the tough drilling applications of today’s industry.ustrial equipment. Grade D rotary and vibrator hose is manufactured with the highest quality material to handle the tough drilling applications of today’s industry.

Understanding Rotary Hoses: Essential Components for Efficient Drilling Operations Introduction: In the oil and gas industry, efficient drilling operations rely on a multitude of specialized equipment, each playing a crucial role in the extraction process. One such component that stands out for its importance and versatility is the rotary hose. Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of rotary drilling, this vital tool facilitates the extraction of oil and gas reserves from deep beneath the earth's surface. In this article, we will delve into what a rotary hose is and explore its significant functions in drilling operations.

What is a Rotary Hose?

A rotary hose, also known as a kelly hose, is a flexible conduit that connects the drilling rig's standpipe to the swivel. Its primary function is to transmit drilling fluid, or mud, at high pressure from the pumps on the surface to the drill stem as it rotates. The rotary hose is typically comprised of multiple layers of rubber and steel reinforcement, ensuring durability and resistance to extreme conditions encountered in the drilling process.

Functions of a Rotary Hose:

1. Transmitting Drilling Fluid: 2. One of the primary functions of a rotary hose is to transmit drilling fluid from the surface to the drill stem. Drilling fluid, commonly referred to as mud, serves multiple purposes during drilling operations. It helps cool and lubricate the drill bit, carries rock cuttings to the surface, maintains wellbore stability, and creates pressure balance within the well. 3. Facilitating Rotary Motion: 4. As the name suggests, a rotary hose facilitates the rotational movement of the drill stem. The drill stem, consisting of drill pipes and drill collars, is rotated by the rotary table on the drilling rig. The rotary hose allows the transfer of drilling fluid while enabling the continuous rotation of the drill stem, essential for effective drilling operations. 5. Withstanding Extreme Conditions: 6. Rotary hoses are subjected to harsh conditions, including high pressures, intense vibrations, extreme temperatures, and exposure to drilling fluids and abrasive materials. These hoses are engineered with robust materials and specialized construction to ensure durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear, corrosion, and abrasion. Their ability to withstand such conditions is vital for maintaining safety and operational efficiency. 7. Connecting Components: 8. A rotary hose serves as a critical link between the drilling rig's standpipe and the swivel. The standpipe connects the surface pumps to the drilling rig, while the swivel allows the drill stem to rotate while maintaining the flow of drilling fluid. The rotary hose effectively connects these components, creating a continuous pathway for fluid transmission and rotational motion.


Rotary hoses are indispensable components in drilling operations, enabling the efficient transfer of drilling fluid and facilitating the rotational movement of the drill stem. These hoses play a vital role in maintaining safety, ensuring operational efficiency, and maximizing productivity in the oil and gas industry. Engineered to withstand extreme conditions and designed for durability, rotary hoses are essential tools for successful drilling operations. At WORLD RIG, we specialize in providing top-quality rotary hoses that meet the demanding requirements of the oilfield industry. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that our rotary hoses deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity. Contact us today to discover how our rotary hoses can enhance your drilling operations and help you achieve success in the field.

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  • Grade D Rotary and Vibrator Hose API 7K-FSL1
  • 5,000 PSI W.P \ 10,000 PSI TEST

  • Rotary Drilling & Vibrator Hoses with swaged

  • coupling

  • API Spec. 7K FSL 1 / API Monogram
I.D. Working Pressure Test Pressure API Grade Safety factor O.D. Hose Body MBR storage MBR operation Weight of hose body
in psi bar psi bar - * WP mm m m kg/m
2.5" 5000 345 10000 690 D 2.5 111 0.6 0.7 15
3" 5000 345 10000 690 D 2.5 126 0.7 0.8 18
3.5" 5000 345 10000 690 D 2.5 140 0.8 0.9 21
4" 500 345 10000 690 D 2.5 160     24


Available with API N.P.T threads and/or Hammer Union connection welded and threaded also availaible with flanged ends 5m 10m, RTJ,hubs,unibolts etc.

Operating temperature: -30 to + 82°C
Maximum available length: 40 m
Production length tolerance: +/- 64 mm up to 6.4 m hose length or +/- 1%


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