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Rotary hose connecting the stand pipe and the swivel, 3-1/2" i.d grade D API 7K FSL2 5,000 psi working presure 10,000 psi test pressure. The below rotary hose pictured is coupled with 5" fig 1002 male x female hammer unions integral style fittings attached certified by American Petroleum Institute, API 7K made in USA.

rotary hose

The above and below rotary and vibrator hoses come with Api 7k certification and can be made with hammer union, api flanges, n.p.t threads, unibolt or api hub connections welded on. We also offer integral 4" and 5" fig 1002 hammer union connection with no weld or threads for certain applications.

Rotary Hose Are large I.D high pressure flexible rubber steel lines used to connect the swivel to the standpipe. Made of heavy rubber and steel cables the hose is basicly flexible piping that allows the Kelly and the bit and drill string to be raised and lowered while the drilling fluid is pumped through drill string. lowering the drill string and pumping drilling mud is very important to the drilling process and when these hoses go down or fail in service a entire rig can shut down. That’s why we stock many common sizes of rotary hoses, vibrator hoses, kelly and choke and kill hoses ready for shipment and made in the United States

Made in diameters of 2"-2-1/2"-3"-3-1/2" and 4" i.d's and in lengths from 5' ft up to 150' common length is 10 ',12' 75', 55' and 65'. We can make any length you need with virtually any end connection configuration you may have, hammer union, threads, npt, swivel flanges, api flanges, unibolts and api hubs are all common end connection styles.



image below of drilling mud hose on offshore rig

rotary hose

Below are images of fabricated rotary hoses

Rotary hose


  • API GRADE D Rotary Hose
  • 5,000 PSI W.P 10,000 PSI TEST
  • API GRADE E Rotary hose
  • 7,500 PSI W.P 15,000 PSI TEST
  • CEMENTING Rotary Hose
  • 10,000 PSI W.P 15,000 PSI TEST

2",2-1/2", 3",4" with up to 6" Flanges, Hammer union and threaded connections.

*h2s service end connections can also be supplied by request.

*Sour gas service connections are down rated in pressure